Friday, 17 October 2008

Toner and Food Colouring

Today at college we did a workshop which included sepia toning, blue toning, scanning a print into the computer and using photoshop to colour it, and using food colouring to selectively add colour to a black and white print. I scanned the images into the computer and saved them to my Pen Drive. However, due to technical problems I cant post the photoshopped image or the food colouring coloured image. I havent scanned the food colouring image in because it was still wet when I wanted to scan it.

The image I used was taken by my grandad about 45 years ago, and is a picture of my dad as a child.

Here is the blue toned image:

To blue tone this image I soaked the original print and then put it into a tray of blue toner. When the image was as blue as I liked, I removed it from the blue toner tray and put it into the sink to wash in the water. After ten minutes I used a drying machine with rollers to dry the image and above is the final result.

Here is the sepia toned image:

To sepia tone this image I put the original print into the soak tray, and then I put it into the bleach tray and took it out when the image was just starting to disappear. Then I put it into the sepia toner until the image reappeared as a sepia image. Finally, I put it into the sink to wash.


Another picture of a child that I have taken, is one of a girl called Grace who I have been photographing frequently since she was born. She is the child of my friends mum and was very tiny when I first started photographing her. This is one of my star images:

I have recently developed a keen interest of black and white photography, probably because I have started to work in the darkroom more and I have learnt more about the processes involved in printing an image. However, this picture was taken digitally and I used the levels tool in Photoshop to get the effect I wanted.

I have come to Plymouth for the weekend to spend time with my boyfriend who has moved here to go to university. As we were walking through the shopping centre we walked past an inclosed studio where photographers were photographing babies for the baby of the year competition. I can't wait until I set up my own business and can do things like this :). Also, when I was in town I picked up some white jeans that only cost me £1! bargain!

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Hello, love your photos on your blog. Thanks for stopping by mine, I have my last shoot in Vermont (an infant shoot)...then I move to Florida and start all over there.

Hope all is well where you are...

Ruta M. said...

White jeans!, just be careful where you sit. I'll keep my eyed open for any more photograher's sites recommended by my fellow bloggers. Next weekend is half term for us. same for you? If it is why don't you come and stay ,visit mum etc and we could do some photo trips.

Ruta M. said...

It would be great to see you, I didn't think you did early mornings! Won't Linas have lectures, Uni doesn't have half term does it ?

GemmieV said...
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