Saturday, 11 October 2008


Yesterday I went to visit my Mum in Ilfracombe. She has just got a new kitten and he is so adorable! I spent ages taking pictures of him with my 35mm and digital camera. He is a very fast kitten and most of the images were blurry, but I just kept taking pictures until my camera battery ran out. Then I just borrowed Mum's camera! I got some gorgeous images of him and I will post some here. :]

This first image, I have edited with photoshop and I used the infrared tool found in Color Efex.
I am very happy with this image.

I used noise reduction to soften his fur and the surroundings and then sharpened his eyes and nose.

This picture is my background on my laptop and when ever I see it it makes me go 'aaaaawwwwwwwww'.
So cute.

Another picture of Tiggs that I took is more of a headshot, I played around with it in Photoshop and changed the colours. I don't usually go for this kind of effect but something about it caught my eye so here it is:

The effect I used was called Thermal Camera, I like the mix of colour in the image and think the detail in the picture is still very well preserved.

Any comments would be appreciated :)

After visiting my Mum, I came to the farm where I used to live with my boyfriend and his family. My boyfriend has come down for the weekend so I thought I'd come along and say hello to his Mum and Dad who are very nice people. I have been reading his Mum's Blog on here named Ruta's Ramblings. When I walked through the door late last night after visiting my Mum, I was greeted by four familiar faces; Ellie, Smudge, Patch and Squeaky. These are the names of the cats that live here and it was so good to see them again. I gave them all lots of attention and cuddles before going up to say hello to my boyfriend.

I have posted a picture of Squeaky in an earlier post of this blog and I will now post pictures of the other cats. I havent really taken very many images of the cats so the quality of the photographs are not to my usually 'standard' but I want to show you the kitties!

This is a picture of the cat I didn't mention above because he wasn't there to greet me. This cat often stays away from home, adventuring in the fields and living off of rabbits, voles, mice possible stray cows.. you name it he'll come home with an animal shaped buldge.
This pretty cat is called Birthday and is the independant, Hunter cat.

I like the composition of this image.

This next cat is called Squeaky:

This is the most photogenic kitty out of all the farm cats.

Her colours are gorgeous and she has such a sweet nature. I love her big green eyes and I could spend all day photographing her.

This next cat is called Ellie and she is possibly my favourite cat:

She is the catty cat, she hisses at the others when she wants the food and sneaks her paw in front of the other cats and steals the food.

she's the most cuddly cat to me and you can put her on ur shoulder and shel purr happily.
Ellie is the sister of patch who is next up.

Patch is the laziest cat and as a result we often call him fatty or fattykins :P he is very cuddly and cute and can often be found in a box somewhere or sleeping on Pete's chair (linas' dad)
Patch and Smudge are often fighting but get along ok at other times.
Sometimes when we throw the biscuits outside we hold patch until we have thrown them and when we let go he sprints to them!

Patches favourite food is cucumber!

One time when I was playing with Patch and Ellie with a piece of string Patch went to jump on the string but underestimated how close it was and pounced on Ellie sending her flying, it was quite funny to watch as both of them were suprised and ran off in different directions.
This next cat is called Smudge and is also known as the saucepan cat because he likes to sleep in the saucepan by the raeburn.

Smudge is the wisest and most cunning of all the cats, he once learnt how to open the fridge and we had to put a door stop in front of it. He also learnt how to open the cupboards so he could get at the food.
Although he is the smartest and can get food easier than the others, smudge is the skinniest cat and is often fed extra food.
This is the end of todays very long blog, I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

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