Thursday, 9 October 2008

The Bash!

I went to the college party last night and got some pretty cool pictures. There was lots of mad, drunken things happening and I managed to capture a few of them.

Here's one of the funniest pictures of Jonny, the most drunk person there.

He was very.. expressive!
The low levels of light resulted in me using quite a slow shutter speed and I used the flash fitted to my camera to help light the subjects.
I'm thinking of using these images in my street photography assignment, although I may have to get the permission of the people I photographed.

Another image I took was of a very unexpected kiss between two drunk guys, one of whom had his girlfriend standing with him.

The dance floor was great fun and I got many pictures of people partying and doing the Macarena!

Here is a picture of people dancing on the dance floor!

Good Times.

There was one image that I'm very happy with in photography terms, this is because the picture is well exposed and it isn't blurry because of lack of light. Tell me what you think?

I think it could do with some cropping though to give a more definate focal point.
I'm off to watch eight out of ten cats now on TV.
Thanks for reading!

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