Sunday, 31 August 2008

Gemma's World - A Photographer's Journal.

I have decided to make this blog a record of my photography experiences, including days out, new pictures, new things I have learnt, pictures that inspire me and so on..

Please feel free to comment my work, critique is always welcomed, whether good or bad! I want to know what impact my photographs have on you and whether you would hang my work on your wall or not. I would also like to hear from all you people who read blogs what you think I could do to improve my work and my technique.

Some people may ask me why don't I join a picture site such as FlickR or Modelmayhem. The answer is, I have, but you do not get any space to write down your thoughts on an image or have any space for discussion.

I currently use PhotoshopCS3 with the add on ColorEfex which is the most useful tool I have found.

Please note that all images I post will be either photographed by me, so copyright rules apply. Or I have modelled for the image, in which I will have the Photographers permission to use the image.

Any image I use as a reference for my work will be noted with the web address, or book reference and the artists name will be provided. Images will be clearly marked as to which of the above applies :D
Now, to get me started with my picture posting I will upload one of my favourite images of a kitty cat I know called Squeaky. Comments/Critique Please :]
This image was taken by myself with a Canon 400D Digital Camera.

I am very happy with this image, I love the colours and the composition and I think my cat model is purrfect :P

We have a cat picture, now lets have a dog picture for all you dog lovers out there.
*looks through the My Pictures folder*
Here we go, this is the biggest poser I have ever met! This image was taken by me.

She was getting a bit fed up of me taking her photo so in the end she just went to sleep. I seized the moment by photographing her paws as she slept, experimenting with aperture and shutter speeds to get a different depth of field for each image. I had to give up when she started to wiggle her paws and quietly woof as she dreamt of chasing ducks in the park. Bless her.

Here is one of the paw pictures I took while she slept, I have chosen an image with a larger depth of field to show the detail that can be captured when experimenting with aperture. I hope you like it.

There is much detail on her paws and I'm happy with the result. The paw furthest away I feel is a little out of focus, but, if i work on this some more I can probably get a better result :]
This is the end of todays post, hope I have you hooked with my cute pictures :D thanks for reading.