Thursday, 23 October 2008

More Darkroom Techniques :D

This Image was taken with a pinhole camera. The method is so easy to use. Look up pinhole cameras on wikipedia :D to make a pinhole camera you make a box light tight and then make a tiny hole on one side. You also have to have a flap to open so the paper can be taken in and out. then you just let light in through the hole and it creates an image on your paper. when you put it through the machine that develops it, it comes out like this.
This is the result of printing through a paper negative. A paper negative is where you peel the thin layer print off of the paper and then print through it like a contact sheet. I realy love the effect it has had on the image, it looks almost like its been rained on.

This is the solarized image that I used for the paper neg.

This image was taken with a fish eye lens.

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