Tuesday, 22 December 2009

16th - 23rd December

This week is the hand in week for my Technical workshops and my DISP project. I think I will be able to hand them both in on time but I do think that I could have made more of an effort on my DISP project. I have changed my mind so many times for the DISP project but ultimately my final idea that I have used is my best in my opinion because it has a strong concept.

I spent most of this week doing the DISP Project and I printed the finals for it and for the fill in flash part of the brief on the wednesday afternoon. I found it difficult to know all the settings for the printers and the paper settings but had help from a third year and from the technicians.

I shot all the images for DISP this week also, I was not very organised for the DISP project but I think the final image is good and I have a good research file.

8th - 15th December

I spent most of this week in the colour darkrooms printing my medium format finals and my 5x4 finals. I am really happy with my printing and I am enjoying it. When out of university I concentrated on getting my book work finished and made sure that I had written everything up that needed to be written. I also annotated my contact prints.

30th -07th December

This week I spent most of my time printing in the darkroom ready for the next week. I also helped out some class mates who were shooting 5x4 on location. I drove harry, faith and matt to different locations in Bournemouth and assisted with setting up the camera on to the tripod.