Monday, 20 October 2008


One of my preferred subjects to photograph is of the winged kind. I have always found birds fun to photograph and I thought that I'd post a few of my favourite bird images that I have taken.
I haven't taken many photos lately because I have been busy doing sketchbook work.
Most people find my first bird annoying, but I managed to capture a more... inquisitive look for this bird.

I love how its turned it's head to look at the camera and try and figure out what it is.

The only thing I don't like about this image is that the background is lighter than the foreground and theres not much definition of the seagul against the blue sky.

Here are some cute little duckies!

They are so sweet! This was taken on a really sunny day. I spent the whole day exploring this town near Alton and I found a beautiful park and managed to get some awesome pictures :D
Heres a picture of a jackdaw (I think) :P. It's not very good quality because I was quite far away but I like it anyways.

I love how gothic this image feels with the spiky chain and the shape of the birds wings.

This next one makes me want to shout 'tally ho!'
The image isn't that clear to see, it's two ducks coming into land and I managed to photograph them from a distance and continually capture them until they landed firm on their feet just yards from me. One of them landed wonky and fell over which was funny, it was ok though.

Another jackdaw (I think) Im sure Ruta will let me know if I'm wrong :P

This picture looks better bigger because the details are clearer than when it's small.

I made this picture black and white because I think it really emphasizes the eye.

One more duck image.

Having to capture this moment quickly, the original image was very dark. I had to lighten this image and also replace the original ducks eye with a lighter eye from another duck image. I've cropped it like this because I think it makes the image feel more dramatic and action packed.

Check out these bad boys:
These are the budgies I used to have, they were called Reggie and Stumpy. Awesome.

Swan picture!

This is an unusual picture of a swan, photographers usually photograph them with their heads above water and their necks in a nice curve shape. I thought I would be different an photograph this one like this!

I had to edit the edge of the walkway out of the right hand side of this picture and replace it with water and still keep the right pattern in the water.

The white of the swan is burnt out which isn't great for the picture. But, I'm happy with it just as it is.

I have shown a whole range of bird pictures from my collection. Hopefully, when I next go to a zoo I'll get some funky penguin shots.
Penguins are cool.
I'm going to get on with my assignment now, just an evaluation to write and I should be done!

Thanks for reading!

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Ruta M. said...

I really like these bird pictures, especially the ducklings with the gold water effect. And yes it does look like a jackdaw. Johnny Kingdom told me that buzzards are really hard to get a good picture of so I'll just have to carry on going up the drive with the camera balanced on top of the steering wheel.