Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The Mysterious Film, Exposed?

Phew, I just tried to post this and it was taking ages and I thought it might mess up so I quickly copied all the txt and then the page came up saying server down but thankfully it had copied my text. I've just got to re upload my images..

Today, I processed the mystery film that I found in a canister. At first, I didn't think it would fit on the spiral but I was lucky and it did. I processed it as a 400 ISO film and luckily it came out ok. Bear in mind, this film is around 50 years old and was taken by my grandad while he was in the army.

The images show many of the old fire engines that were used in the war, also, some motorbikes and a Land Rover. There is another image of a person standing in uniform which I will print tomorrow at college.
Here are the images that I printed today, one of the negatives has different exposures because the camera that was used had to be wound on by hand and the spacing had to be estimated by the photographer. I will print the man in uniform tomorrow and post it here tomorrow night.

This is a picture of the fire engines that were used in the war! My Grandad was in the fire brigade which explains why there are engines here. There are also some motorcycles that were used in the war! This film was a fabulous find! it was over 50 years old and still processed fine! yay.

Here is another image from the film:

The men in the background are all in uniform and theres some text on the side of the landrover, I can only make out the word 'services' on it though.

I think I know where I got my photography genes from too! :D

The Studio.

Today I had a photoshoot with a girl who I know from North Devon, we had a great afternoon taking pictures and photographing different stereotypes. I photographed her as a secretary, a chav, a party animal and an Emo/Scene person. I have only edited a couple of pictures but I'll post one from each stereotype here.


I quite like this picture, it has grown on me in the last hour. Lol. Looking at it now, I realise I need to tidy her hair up abit. I hope you like it! I used the High key option with Color Efex Pro.


This shows my friend as a chav smoking a cigarette with her hand on her hip. We shot many pics of her with an annoyed facial expression to help bring out the chav in her. I really like her pose.

Emo/Scene Person.

I like her pose in this one too, her legs look good and I like the composition. I boosted the colours to make her stand out more.

Party Girl.

I think her pose is great for this stereotype. I boosted the colours in this one to make it more vibrant.

I had a great time today in the studio, I didn't have a lead to join my camera to the lights so I had to use my flash to set the lights off which left a shadow in some of the pictures. In the end I decided to just use continuous light and had the model stand close to the lights and far from the backdrop to stop any shadows.

Awesome Day!

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Ruta M. said...

Well done for managing to process that film. If you need help identifying the regiment of the person in uniform you could email Sam - Sam@wyenet.co.uk , as he knows that sort of thing.
re going to the Zoo, I work some Wednesday afternoons, it just depends.We could try half-term though it might be a bit crowded. How about Valley of the Rocks instead?