Sunday, 22 February 2009

Crazy Times

Alot has been happening in the last couple of months, I have found myself in a new state of 'singleness', probably not a word but hey! I have also had to think hard about university and getting all my work done for college and printing my portfolio which is going to cost me so much money that I'm going to be in debt to the bank! rubbish!

I've also spent alot of time socialising and making new friends. I have also made new contacts who have asked me to photograph them which is good to add to my portfolio! :)

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time in a forensics lesson at college and I got to photograph a pretend dead body and all the blood spatter patterns, it was really great and now I have forensic photography to add to my portfolio! I was planning on photographing Holiday on Ice today because my Aunt and I went to see it in Exeter, but they didn't allow photography, which was the main reason I wanted to go, however the show was awesome!

Here's a forensic image that I took (not for the feint hearted)

At this forensics event there was some really old horses blood placed in a petri dish and left out so that the smell of death and decomposition was present. It took me ages in the shower to get rid of the stench!

I have to get on with my final piece now.

Thanks for reading!

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