Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Photography and College

I've just got back from my only lesson at college for today. I have a proposal to write for the end of the week with a basis of studio photography. I'm thinking of creating a themed/conceptual photoshoot, but I want to think of an idea that has not been recreated hundreds of times by other photographers.

I was going to base the project on a retouching idea where I take the images in the studio and then use photoshop to edit them, but I need to stick to the idea being more studio involved rather than computer orientated.

I have one idea that is simple and would not cost anything for me to carry out. This idea involves using emotions and lighting to emphasize the emotion. I'm thinking of showing the basics, so happy, sad and angry and then really going deeper into the emotions.

For example, angry would have somebody ripping up pictures and clothes that belong to another person who has done this person wrong. Also, smashing up something precious that belongs to this person.

I would show some one being happy and then I would show ecstatic happiness, so a person winning the lottery or jumping for joy.

For sad, I would have someone crying and then I'd have the extreme of the same person looking extremely depressed and possibly get some fake blood involved and a straight razor.

Hmm... I think I know what I will write for my proposal now. :]

Here's the guy I'm researching for this project. He's called Mark Velasquez.

I love the ideas behind his images and they are very well presented. I'm a huge fan. Show him some love. :]

To make this post a little more interesting I'll throw a picture or two, or three..

This was my first picture that I took experimenting with shutter speeds a few years ago with my first decent digital camera :] I love the colours and composition.

Please post comments about my blog and feel free to critique my images :D

Here is another image i took whilst experimeting with shutter speeds. For college I have a work book with lots of different photography terms and experiments and these images are used for that too.

I'm not sure about this image, i chose this one because it has the most lights in it and I think the car frames the image well.
I took this whilst on my way to BurgerKing with my friend Suzi King. For once I was being driven so I had the chance to play with my camera in the car. Any thoughts on this image?

Speaking of Suzi, she is organizing a Bash (party) at college for tonight and everyones invited. I'm going to photograph the event and see what piccies I can come up with. I'll probably post some of the images tomorrow, either after college, or at lunch time. :]
I'm being pestered now to give my boyfriend attention, so I'll end this post here and get back to it later. :]
Thanks for reading xx

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