Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Man In Uniform

I printed the image today of the man in uniform, it wasn't my grandad in the picture. But it was a soldier. Here is the picture:

I havent done much photography work today, I need to finish writing up my sketchbooks for my projects, so I wont be posting a long post today. I just wanted to show this picture :D
Today my class experimented in the studio with lights and umbrellas, we got some good shots and I got to play with the medium format camera, which was good because I want to start using medium format more in my work.
I'm going to go and do some coursework now while I'm inspired to do so.
Thanks for reading!

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Ruta M. said...

You might like to look at Akoni Image, it's a photographer's site. I've found that leaving a comment on some one's site encourages them to look at your site.
Have a good week end and tell Linas not to spend all of his student loan at once!