Saturday, 26 September 2009

Two Days Until University Starts!

I have moved house now all ready for uni! I live in Bournemouth now and I have my own little studio set up in one of the rooms at my dad's house which is handy! I have used it a few times and find it quite cosy =] Here's a picture I did there when doing a self portrait session.

I can't wait to start uni! It will be the start of the next three years of my life I look foward to it.

I have arranged to meet with a few models from this area all ready but I have been let down by 90% of them so far which is a little annoying but oh well!

I have just finished working on a major paid piece of work for the colleges in Devon. I was asked to provide the images for the prospectuses and other publications for the colleges rebranding. The final results are in two prospectuses and on banners in the different colleges which I am really happy with =] This experience gave me more confidence to work with people in the future and taught me how to work freelance with major businesses which is useful.