Monday, 5 January 2009

University Application So Far

Tomorrow is the start of my last term at college and I am very focused on getting all of my work done. I am doing my best to get a DDD (triple distinction) in my photography class, so I am always busy doing something!

I also have thought about University and plan to apply at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth. My personal statement has been written and I have chosen a few images for my portfolio.

What I plan to do next is to find some film images and print those for my portfolio and also to find any experimental work that would be useful so that I can show I am capable in all aspects of Photography.

I need to write out a plan of all the things that need doing so that I can get them all done when they are needed for. So much to do, but at least I have started early and I have plenty of time to get everything done :]

Today I'm going to concentrate on getting my 'before and after Photoshop' sketchbook completed, I just need to pritt stick all the pictures in and write about them. That will be my retouching side of photography covered. I also need to scan in the images I took with my Instant Camera to show I have used different types of cameras. I have some colour film images that also need to be included in my work somewhere.

When I get back to college I will need to start printing my images as soon as possible because there is usually something wrong with the printers at least once a week and I would like to get the important stuff done first.

Hopefully everything for Uni will be sorted in time so that I have the last few weeks of college to revsie for my Business exam and to finish any coursework for photography tothe highest standard possible. I will have to not do any photography stuff out of college until I have all of my work done. Otherwise, there will be too much to do and I will probably run out of time. I also have my final major piece to worry about but I have an idea for what I'm going to do so I should be OK with that.

Here's an image I have found to be quite popular on Flickr.

That's the end of today's post. Thanks for reading!

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