Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Creating My Portfolio

I am in the process of searching through my images so that I can add my best work to my portfolio. It will probably take me a while because I have alot of images and I would like more than one opinion on what I include in my final portfolio. If anyone who reads this has any favourite images that I have posted please let me know so I can decide wether to use it or not :]

Thats it for today, im busy choosing my pictures!

Thanks for reading :D

1 comment:

Sweet Designs said...

Hi, just found your blog thru flikr, and PWomans flkr page. Your photographs are really nice, you have alot of talent. I did leave you some comments on some of your photos about your question for your portfolio, as time permits I want to go back and look at the rest of your pages. I am just starting to get back in to serious photography after years being away from SLR, I have been using a point and shoot digi for a few years, broke down a few days ago and bought a Nikon d300, a bit of a learning curve again for sure LOL

I am sure you will be very successful in your endevors I'll be watching your progress! :)