Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Busy Holidays

Lately I have been busy visiting relatives over the holiday period. I managed to buy presents for most of my family members this year, which is an achievement for me! 

For christmas I got 'The Photo Book' from my Aunt and it is wonderful! It lists many different photographers and a picture of theirs and will be super helpful with my photography work.

I finally finished writing my personal statement for The Arts Institute at Bournemouth today and am planning on applying through UCAS as soon as I get back to college. I have decided if I don't get into Bournemouth then I'm going to set up my own photographic business instead and work in Bournemouth.

Lately, I have been working on my photoshopping skills and have been bulking up my portfolio of work which I will need to print when I get back to college. Busy, busy, busy. Hopefully I will be able to afford the cost of printing my best images for my portfolio, otherwise I will have to print on standard matte paper and wont have the best quality for my work.

Using flickr.com I have uploaded some of my images to the internet hoping for constructive critism and feedback. If you would like to see them then please copy and paste this link or click it if you can; www.flickr.com/gemmiev

At some point in the future I have decided to do some volunteer work in another country, either working with children from uganda or doing conservation work for a month or two. I would love to be able to document my time there and have some images of another culture. Hopefully, I will be able to teach in another country and make a difference to people who are not as lucky as I am.

Here are a few images I have been working on;

This was created using two images in Photoshop, I experimented with overlaying the layers and changing the blending options.

I play on photoshop for hours to get the right effect and its not unusual for me to edit the same image four times before I find an effect I am happy with.

This is one of my favourite images.

I really love the colours in this image and the highlights on the eye. I like the writing on the t-shirt because it helps show the girls interests.

I have made some new year resolutions which I am determined to stick to, these include; 50 sit ups a day, eating more fruit and taking/creating one new image a day :]

I am going to end here because I'm watching jurassic park and it's distracting me :P

Thanks for reading!! 

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