Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Internet Returns!

I finally got the internet back! I also had a photoshoot today in which I modelled for the photographer Graham Sessions

We included my dog in a couple images and I will post it in a second.

I have only edited a couple images so far, here they are:

The second Image is made of 6 images put together and edited on photoshop to get the desired effect.

It took me about half an hour to edit this image, which I don't think is too bad seeing as I have done lots to complete it.

I was surfing the internet late last night and I found a very cool website which allows you to upload and download brushes which can be used in photoshop. The brushes are very cool and allow you to create interesting designs on and as images.
I have alot of coursework to be getting on with, so I must not spend too much time on my blog tonight.
Thanks for reading!

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Ruta M. said...

Will Linas have to buy you 6 Christmas presents now ?
I didn't know you had a dog!