Sunday, 2 November 2008

A busy half term

I have been all over the place for this last week. I went to Plymouth at the first weekend to see my boyfriend linas.

Isn't he a cutey :P

After Plymouth I went to Bournemouth with my friend Chelsea to see my Dad and to go to The Arts Institute at Bournemouth for an open day so I can apply there for next year.
After that, I came home for all of three hours, and then left for North Devon to go to Ruta's House, where I met again with Linas.

I went out for the day with Ruta on the Friday and we went to Valley of the Rocks at Lynton. Here is one of the photographs from there.

This was taken looking down the valley, I like this one because of the composition and the colours :D

Here is another image I took which is a little more 'arty'

I spent the rest of my week photographing Linas' brother Romas and his band. We went to a beach so that we could use a boat I have photographed before that the boys liked. So I thought I'd show you some beach and band photos.

It was quite hard to photograph them because they would often look away from the camera or pull a silly face, or their hair would fly infront of their faces because of the wind. However they did try hard and I'm glad they listened to me!

This is the first picture I have edited out of all of the group pictures and I may post some more later on.
Now for some beach photos.

This is an image straight from the camera, I haven't edited it at all. I really love all the textures in rock and I spent a few minutes photographing this one.

Two last beach picture and I must go to sleep!

This next one was fun :P

Spot the difference :P
I must go to bed now.
Thanks for reading!

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