Tuesday, 24 November 2009

PPRD week 1 16th 22nd

Monday was my lesson for digital imaging and studio practice, I am unsure about how well I can carry out my initial idea and I am thinking that I will need to hurry up and decide what it is I want to do for this project!

Tuesday we had a lecture, I think I was ill so did not attend.

Wednesday I had a presentation with Aaron who told us all about this new Personal Planning Reflection and Development Unit. In the morning I had the studio booked with Kat and I shot my high key and low key images with my Dad as a model because he is very photogenic. Kat also modelled for me. I processed the negatives the same day and thankfully they all came out OK. I attempted to print at around 5pm but was losing patience so decided to go home and print another time.

Thursday I spent at home doing sketchbook work and then finally Friday I had studio practice but managed to loan two darkslides from stores and some colour negative film to shoot my 5x4 over the weekend. I then left uni early to go prepare for the shoot but by the time I got to the location it was very dark and the weather was terrible.

Saturday was my planned day for the location shoot but the rain and the dark clouds didn't cease and so I ended up shooting on the sunday when it was a little less cloudy and not raining as much.

Throughout this week I planned for the photoshoot that I did on sunday which involved figure in the landscape for the unit technical workshops. I organised the use of a 5x4 Toyo Large Format Camera and a tripod from a friend in East Devon, we met on the Sunday in Tiverton and then went to a piece of land owned by my friends neighbour. We shot four 5x4 films in bad weather conditions and kept our fingers crossed that they were exposed properly. I thought of a few ideas for this shoot prior to actually taking the photographs and I decided to model myself as the figure after setting up the camera and everything else that needed doing. I wore a white dress that matches my cool skin tone and the cloudy skies that were present that day.

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nina said...

your idea sounds lovely, I bet the finished product will look great.