Tuesday, 24 November 2009

23rd - 29th

Monday I had my digital imaging lesson and I learnt how to extract images with accuracy and without a rubbish result.
Tuesday I had a free day but came in to develop my 5x4 film. Whilst waiting for my film to develop I sat in with some uni friends in the studio and watched them shoot their films for high key and low key. When my film had developed I managed to get some 10x8 paper for the colour darkrooms and I contact printed my medium format high key and low key negs and also my 5x4 negatives. I showed the contact prints to Paul and worked out what I need to do next. I think I may have to reshoot my high key prints because they aren't high key enough.
Here's one of the 5x4 negs, its a picture of the neg on a screen so its not great quality but you get the idea.

Wednesday we had a guest speaker come into the uni who told us all about how we should protect ourselves and our images when going into work. It was very useful to find out all of that information and I have a handout which I can refer to when I need to.

Thursday was a day off but I spent it doing research for my technical workshops unit and looking through the essay questions in the PVC Unit.
Friday I used the studio to create a seperation of light set up and I shot 5x4 transparency film using a class mate as a model. I will be processing the film next week. I also collected a metz flashgun and a hot shoe from stores at uni friday afternoon to use at the weekend.
Saturday I experimented with the metz flashgun so that I would be used to it for when I shot the digital part of my brief.
Sunday I took some pictures of an elderly gentlemen at the canal for my portrait brief.

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